John Bateman - CLIA
See Your Success and Profit from CLIA Training. 

Once again, John Bateman will be providing us with two CLIA Certification classes. CLIA's professional development and training programs, rated the best in the industry, leverage a wealth of expert knowledge and pratnerships to deliver valuable education to travel agents and other industry professionals. CLIA's professional development and training provides proven and practical methods to help increase your cruise sales and profits.
Dr. Chris Cokley - SURGE365 & ProTravel

Executive Vice President of International Sales of Surge365 and CEO & President of Pro Travel Network.

A Master Trainer with over 28 years experience, Dr. Cokley will share wisdom and knowledge.  Dr. Cokley's mission is to increase the competence and confidence level of the field force within a culture built on a foundation of Leadership, Loyalty, Wealth, and Team Spirit.  The end result will be to increase the recruiting, retention, and income of our leaders.
Joe Iglesias - Savon Resorts
President of Savon Resorts.

Savon partners with suppliers and vendors in the travel industry, as well as vacation ownership groups to develop attractive travel options available through a customized online experience.  SURGE365 members benefit from exclusive wholesale travel pricing on products such as hotels, resorts, cruises, cars, activities, and more.